Daughters of Thyme

so many people greet and meet
so many say farewell and part


The sunshine comes a-leaping in his face
and bursts of birdsong tantalise his ears


The plain chant gradually
pulls a shawl of acceptance and
peace round my shoulders
giving me the strength to straighten up
and start again.


A beautifully written and presented anthology of three poetic voices celebrating life, love, and the passage of time. Each poet has her own memories to offer, and complementary insights to share: the result is a sensory feast of a book which will leave the reader feeling, in one poet's words, that 'This heart is full'.

Dr Sarah Law — Poet and Lecturer at the Open University

Writing courses can offer vital help to would-be writers, not least the space and license to call themselves writers. This is a legitimising gift, one that has been fully embraced by these three poets. Daughters of Thyme reveals shining solitary acts of creativity, but also a wonderful collaborative spirit, one that no doubt came from sharing drafts, together with honest appraisals and affirmations.

Derek Neale — Professor of Creative Writing at the Open University